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Enjoying the Grazing

Cow grazingBabies and children can teach you a lot, let me explain.  I had rushed home to get Judah into bed.  And I had a list of things I wanted to get done so that I too could go to bed at a decent hour; wash face, brush teeth, drink tea, check e-mail, check facebook, order some things off amazon, get ready for my early morning run.  So, I lay down next to him to nurse him to sleep and I figured based on how he was acting that he should crash out pretty quickly.  He nurses and grabs my nose, my ear, my hair, my fingers and anything else he could touch.  Then he sits up and comes towards me as if to give me a hug.  He lays there a bit.  Then he wants to nurse again.  He nurses and grabs my nose, my ear, my hair, my fingers and anything else he could touch.  Then he sits up and comes towards me as if to give me a hug.  If you’re thinking that I just repeated that, you’re right.  And so did Judah.  He did that exact same thing four times before actually falling asleep.

My plan of getting a bunch of stuff done and being able to get in to bed at a decent hour was losing time as I laid there next to him.  “Judah go night night.”  I love you, go night night!”  I repeated it over and over.  Instead, he wanted to graze (nurse) and graze and graze.  All he wanted was to just be there with me.  Nursing, touching, hugging, being.

I found myself getting antsy as I watched the clock get later and later.  Then, I was reminded of the fact that all that stuff isn’t really important.  My to do list can wait.  My little hunny wants to be with his mama.  He won’t always want to lay in bed snuggling.  So, instead I focused on enjoying the grazing.  I played with his fingers, smelled his hair, kissed his head and thought about just how much I am in love with such a little person.IMG_4979

We “adults” need to be reminded to stop and graze.  Time should be filled with meaningful memories not a list of things to do.  Thank you Judah for teaching Mama a very important lesson.  Love you.

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green_smoothieI’ve been experimenting with my Green Smoothies and haven’t been disappointed or grossed out yet.  I’ve used fresh and frozen fruit and baby spinach and kale in my mixes.  Here are some of my concoctions…Mixed Fruit

Banana, Strawberries, Pineapple, Spinach, Water for blending

Banana, Strawberries, Pineapple, Spinach, 1-2 Celery Stalks, Water for blending (note: you can taste the celery)

Apple, Banana, Peach, Spinach, Water

Banana, Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Spinach, Water

Baby SpinachMixed Fruit, Banana, Apple, Spinach

Mixed Fruit, Banana, Kale

Banana, Mixed Fruit, Pear, Kale

Banana, Mixed Fruit, Peach, Kalekale

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Happy & Healthy

IMG_5238It has been a tough few days!  On Sunday, Judah came down with what I thought were his molars coming in but it turned out to be a viral infection called Herpangina. He had a fever and had developed blisters on the roof of his mouth and throat.  He literally cried and cried and cried.  Nothing could soothe Him – he didn’t want milk, water, ice chips or anything!  All we could do was hold him while he cried.  He couldn’t even sleep.  He would fall asleep for an hour, if that and would wake up screaming.  I could only imagine how much pain he was in.  It broke my heart to not be able to make it all go away and make him feel better.  IMG_5247Glad to say that after three long days my little happy boy is feeling better and is getting back to himself.

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