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cloth-diapers-lineThanks to some new mom friends that cloth diaper I have been able to try out different types of diapers. The cloth diapering world can be very overwhelming to a newbie like myself, so this has made deciding what kind of diapers I like best much easier.  This past week I tried out AIOs (all in ones), pockets, fitted, contour, sized and one size fits all, velcro or snaps – whew, thats a mouth full just to write, let alone try.  I really want a diapering system that easy.  Being new to cding (lingo for cloth diapering) I want something that resembles the ease of disposables without being disposable, especially for my hubby’s sake.  I also want something that I can use with multiple kids.  So with much trying and thinking, these are my thoughts…

AIO DiaperAll in Ones: These are my favorite!  Being closest to disposables they are so easy.  The diaper is literally all in one.  No stuffing of the inserts.  You can add a booster insert if you want more absorbency.  The outside of the diaper is waterproof. They are easy to dry too – I hung mine outside and they were dry in a little over an hour.

Pocket DiaperPocket: These are my 2nd favorite!  The only difference from the AIOs is that you have to stuff the inserts which requires a bit more work.  You can also add more booster inserts for added absorbency.  The outside of these are also waterproof.  These are also quick to dry.  You can dry the shell and insert separately which makes the drying time even faster than the AIOs.

Fitted DiaperFitted: The fitted diapers require a waterproof cover because they are not waterproof.  They are cotton so when the insert gets really wet you can feel it.  So to prevent it from seeping through to clothes you need a waterproof cover.  I didn’t like that it needed a cover.  It’s just too hot to have my little guy wearing a cotton diaper with inserts plus a waterproof cover.  They dry quickly too because you can separate the insert from the diaper.

Contour DiaperContours: Contours are just that:  contoured to fit the bottom.  They are slim fitting because of the shape.  These are not waterproof and require a cover.  You have to do 2 steps to put this diaper on:  first the contour then the cover.  Which for me was not ideal.  It’s extra work and Judah is a squirmer.

SizedSized: These come in the above styles but describe the fact that they are sized – S, M, L.  Before trying the diapers out I thought I would really love one-size dipes but now I really like the sized diapers.  The reason being is that they are more trim fitting.  They don’t look bulky and fit better under clothes.  The only down side to this is that it is recommended to have a diaper stash of 20-25 diapers so that you don’t have to wash every other day but only twice a week.  And if you get sized diapers then you need 20-25 diapers of each size – S, M, L. That means more money invested in the diapers.  A pro is that because they are sized as the child grows you only use that size for a while which will mean less use and less washing which will keep the diapers in better condition.

snapsOne-Size: These are great because you can use the diaper from 8lbs. until potty trained.  Your diaper stash doesn’t have to be as extensive which means less money spent.  They are a bit more bulky and not as trim fitting as the sized dipes.  So they will be bulky on newborn and infant but will fit nicely on an older baby or toddler.

Velcro DiaperVelcro: The diapers and covers (if needed) close with with snaps or velcro (aplix).  Most diapers have what are called laundry tabs on the inside of the diaper where you fold the velcro tabs over onto to keep the velcro from getting stuck to other diapers while in the wash.  The velcro is okay but I would think that it would begin to weaken after use, which is what I gathered from using used diapers.  Also, the velcro has to attach to velcro so that means the diapers have a line of velcro at the top front of the diaper.  On some of the brands this was issue because it rubbed against Judah’s tummy but on other brands they positioned it correctly and it didn’t bother him.  Because it’s velcro Judah was able to pull at it.  He isn’t quite strong enough to pull it open but the pulling was enough to create a slight detachment.  So I can only imagine that as he gets older he could rip his diaper right off.  Some mom’s say this is an issue and others say it’s not – it depends on the kid.

Snap DiapersSnaps: I liked the snaps best.  It takes a bit more work for you when putting on the diaper especially if you’re kiddo is moving around.  But they can’t be unsnapped as easily, therefore preventing the diaper from being taken off.  Also, they don’t get stuck on anything else in the washer…preserving not only the diaper closure but also other diapers in the same wash load.

In the end…I still really like cloth diapers and am going to make the switch soon enough.  I think for us we will be buying AIOs or pockets with snaps.  I may do a mix of one-size and sized (which for now will only be M or L).  There is a new diaper on the market called Grobaby (picture below).  It’s a one-sized AIO/pocket with a reusable shell.  It seems awesome so I will have to give that one a try.  Some other brands that I really liked are Bumgenius, Fuzzibunz, Pocket Change, Dream Eze.  For now the trial is and has been fun but I’m looking forward to owning my own stash of cloth diapers!!!


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