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Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to run.  She craved the feeling of the wind against her face and the freedom that her two feet brought her.  Out in the fresh air she could be alone with her thoughts and feelings.  The inner strength she discovered as she would push herself to places she had never been before, amazed her.  The accomplishment and satisfaction were like a rush of happy waves, that quickly washed over her.  She felt alive.  Though her love of running was great, she found an even greater love.  The love of being a mom.  So, the girl who once ran and ran now runs and runs after someone who captures her heart in ways she never knew possible.woman_running_on_beach

That is a little story about me.  In my life before being a mom, I did love to run.  It was what I did for me…running was my hobby.  Since having my little Judah boy, I have not been able to get myself back into running mode.  I miss it a lot. Running makes me a better person.  I feel more energetic, focused, confident, clear headed and just overall great.  I decided that this was going to be the year for me to accomplish some running goals I have had for a while – races!!!  I knew I couldn’t do this on my own so I’m going to start running with a few other girls and we are going to train for some upcoming races.  WooHoo!!!  I’m sooooo excited!

I think it’s important as moms that we find time throughout the week to do something for ourselves.  Not selfishly, but in the betterment of yourself as a woman, wife, and mom.  It might be reading, sewing, cooking, crafting, or running but whatever it is, we need to make time to invest in ourselves.  Investing in yourself helps you become the best YOU possible.

So, what are some things you do or would like to do for yourself and ultimately, your family?

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a_wfood_2_0831I’m on day 9 of the Green Smoothie Challenge and I have seen some really great results so far.  Today, for some reason, food was calling out to me!  I was out and about for most of the day and even though I started my day off with a yummy smoothie, it seemed that the smell of fast food was being carried by the wind directly to my nose.  As I would go from my car to the stores the scents of Wendy’s (which I never liked) and Chick Fil A smelled so good.  I didn’t cave in to the smells though, no matter what my nose was telling my brain. 🙂

I came across this article and was reminded why I am doing what I am doing.  The food may smell good, look good and fill you up but does not do the job of nourishing the body.  It was just the kind of reminder I needed to hear today, especially after having the #1 from Chick Fil A calling my name.

Enjoy the read!!!

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Meal Plan MondayI wrote a few post back that I have been feeling the need to change some of mine (our) eating habits.  I have been wanting to eat less meat and more veggies.  Also, hubby asked if our dinners could be lighter as opposed to a heavier 3 item meal.  That thinking has led me to researching new recipes that have zero meat, less dairy and more veggies.  I’m excited about the new ideas I have come across.  They seem to be simple and delicious!!!

Sunday:  Vegetarian Stir Fry w/ Brown Rice

Monday: Rustic Bread and Eggplant Lasagna, Salad

Tuesday:  Sweet Potato Burritos, Green Beans

Wednesday:  Dinner with mom’s group

Thursday:  Meatless Chili, Sourdough Bread

Friday:  BBQ at a friends – I’m bringing a salad

Saturday:  Homemade calzones, salad

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I have been on the search for a deodorant that is non-toxic and actually works.  After trying out various brands without muchDO_Long-Last_Stick_Unscentd_PDP success (meaning they didn’t keep me feeling or smelling fresh in 100 degree heat) I have found one that works fairly well.  You can’t compare it to the common brands of deodorant (secret, dove, etc.) because it doesn’t have the strong flowery scent, nor does it mask or even keep your from sweating, so you still have to take a shower every day. (Smiles)

Overall, I am really satisfied with this deodorant.  I may still keep searching for one that is even better but for now this is one more step towards healthier alternatives in my daily care items.

Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Care

  • Hops inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. The antimicrobial action of hops inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria while reducing the possibility of skin irritation.
  • Zinc ricinoleate binds up odor molecules. Sourced from castor beans, zinc ricinoleate traps and absorbs bad smells
  • Natural fragrance blocks odor. Encapsulating natural fragrance oils with silica shells makes them last longer.
  • Kosher and Halal

It is available in apricot, lavender, lemongrass and unscented fragrances.

You can see the list of all the ingredients on their webpage

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I became a very healthy eater a few years back.  I started cutting junk foods out of my diet and started trying to eat asfruits-and-veggiesorganically as possible.  Over the past few months I have been a little lax in my healthy eating and have eaten more sweets and junk food than I would like to admit.  It’s been bothering me and I have been looking into what changes I need to make.  I have really be considering cutting out dairy, sugar and even animal products from my diet.  But what would I eat or feed my family is what I ask myself.  Why those things:  Dairy:  I can’t buy raw milk where I live.  So I have been buying organic milk but it is still pasturized and even homogonized, both of which kill any nutritional value.  Also, my husband doesn’t drink milk.  He only eats dairy in the form of cheese and ice cream.  Cheese is usually processed and ice cream is full of sugar.  Sugar:  I have a major sweet tooth.  Which I am discovering is often a sign that you are lacking nutrients that you need elsewhere.  Sugar (refined) is just not good for you.  I would still use natural forms of sweeteners such as honey, agave, rapadura and sucanat.  Animal products:  I have to buy my meat from the grocery store and because I buy cage-free products it is very expensive.  Again, there is no where locally that sells meat from humane and natural sources.

I have never really considered going vegan/vegetarian because it seemed like a difficult thing to do.  But because I don’t live in an area where healthier options are available, I am now reconsidering.  My hubby likes meat – he’s all guy!  But he too knows that some changes need to be made to our diet.  The funny thing is that I am very careful about what Judah eats.  Family members are always pushing me to give him this or that (other than a fruit or veggie made at home).  I keep thinking about how clean his insides are and how I don’t want to see them ruined by eating common food.  So this too has got me thinking.

Then today, I visited goveg.com and was seeing how inhumanely animals are treated.  Here’s a quote from their site: “The green pastures and idyllic barnyard scenes of years past are now distant memories. On today’s factory farms, animals are crammed by the thousands into filthy windowless sheds, wire cages, gestation crates, and other confinement systems. These animals will never raise their families, root in the soil, build nests, or do anything that is natural to them. They won’t even feel the sun on their backs or breathe fresh air until the day they are loaded onto trucks bound for slaughter.” Animals are no longer created or raised to be animals but to be meat-makers – I don’t want to be a part of that.

Here’s a video entitled “Meet your Meat” that is very hard to watch but very eye opening.

Add all these things together and I am giving some serious thought how I eat.

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photo credit: electricbleu on flickr.co

photo credit: electricbleu on flickr.co

This summer has been really hot and we haven’t gotten any rain.  With that said, I love cold things: cold water, cold fruit, cold drinks, ice cream, anything you can think of really.  Yes, I love ice cream and I would love to eat it all the time.  But because I try to keep my sugar and dairy intake as low as possible – ice cream is just not always an option.  Instead, I grab frozen grapes.  Maybe you’ve tried them.  Maybe you haven’t.  But if you haven’t, you really should!!!

This is what I do:

– Take grapes off of the bunch

– Place in a strainer and place the strainer in a bigger bowl with water so the grapes are covered

– Add a little white vinegar or fruit cleanser to the water and let them soak for a few minutes

– Swish the grapes around in the water and then drain the water.  Rinsing the grapes again.

– Dry the grapes a bit and then store in a freezer friendly container.  Place in freezer.

Then when you’re hot and want something to snack on, grab a few.  I like to suck on mine for a second to warm them just enough to bite right into them without having my teeth hurt.  The texture and burst of cold is wonderfully delightful.  I even give some to Judah in a mesh fruit bag and he goes to town.  They work great for teething too.  Give it a try and enjoy!!!

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