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Meal Plan Monday We spent a few days at the beach this past week and am so glad to be home.  And even more glad to be able to have some home cooked meals to eat.  I never thought I would say that since I loved to eat out and not have to cook, but I am now so aware of how eating out often makes you feel physically and financially.  I think you appreciate your food so much more when you prepare it in love and then savor the flavors and time with your family.  Here’s what will be cooking at my house for dinner and I’m looking forward to it.  Happy Eating!

Sunday:  Sloppy Joes, Southwest Mac & Cheese

Monday:  Lasagna Roll Ups, Salad

Tuesday:  Quesadillas, Glazed carrots

Wednesday:  Kosher Hot Dogs, Baked Beans

Thursday:  Pasta Primavera, Salad

Friday:  BBQ Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans

Saturday:  Burritos w/ ground turkey, corn casserole

Sunday:  Calzones with homemade crust, Salad

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baby eatingBefore I became a mom I always figured I would give my baby jarred organic baby food.  But when it came time to give Judah solids I found myself entertaining thoughts of making my own. I am certainly a novice in the kitchen and I had no idea where to start in making food that my son would eat.  To add to my already existing lack of confidence, I had tons of images of babies making faces and spitting out their food while parents make airplane noises in an attempt to get their babies to joyfully swallow their food.

I pushed through the images and decided to give it a go.  I thought of all the foods and food combinations hubby and I like and came up with some ideas.  First, I bought some BPA free food trays at Babies R Us (ice cube trays would work too) to freeze my purees in (each cube will be about 2 oz).  Then I headed over to the grocery store to pick up my food supplies.  Before I share what I did, let me preface it with saying that I waited until I thought Judah was really ready for solid foods.  I waited until he seemed interested in what we were eating and was able to sit up on his own, which was about 7 mo.  I’m glad I waited because I have never had him spit any food out.  If he doesn’t like something he usually turns his head away, which is a clear sign because other than that he gets so excited about eating!

Homemade baby food is healthy, budget-friendly and not at all time consuming.  I typically buy fresh/frozen organic fruits and veggies.  At this point, I don’t add any seasoning.  I do occasionally add purified water to the purees if they seem to be too thick or chunky.  Judah is only 9mo. so I have not ventured into meats yet.

I have thought about how much I am saving by making my own food.  Baby food jars are sold in stages:  Stage 1 (4-6mo): 2.5 oz Jar, Stage 2 (6-9mo): 4 oz Jar, Stage 3 (9+ mo): 6 oz Jar can cost between $.50 – $1.25 per jar/feeding.  Homemade baby food:  A 16oz. bag of organic frozen peas costing $2.00 will fill make 14-18 cubes (depending on trays).  If you give 2-3 cubes per feeding that will last you 5-7 feedings.  $1.00 per feeding vs. $2.00 for 5-7 feedings. Homemade baby food wins!

Homemade Baby Food Steps:

– Create a menu of what you want to make (Frozen/fresh corn, peas, green beans, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, avacados other veggies single or combined; apples, bananas, strawberries, peaches, other fruits single or combined)

Steam and puree or just puree fruits and veggies.  Add water if needed to bring to desired consistency.

– Spoon or pour purees into trays and freeze

– Once frozen pop cubes out of trays and store in ziploc bags in the freezer for easy access

– To defrost:  Place cubes in a bowl and store in fridge or at room temperature.  You can also place cubes in their bowls and place that bowl in a larger bowl with water.  The microwave defrost can also be used.

– Serve and enjoy!!!


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