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products  I am in search of a makeup line that is both non-toxic and affordable.  I used to use Bare Minerals and am currently using Physicians Formula Organics.  Both were okay but Bare Minerals seemed to run out quickly and I don’t really like the coverage of P.F. Organics.  Last night I was watching What Not To Wear and they were making over Mayim Bialik from Blossom and knowing that she is very health conscience (even vegan I think) I looked up what they used on her.  I discovered that Carmindy created her own line of makeup that they are using on the show called Natural Beauty which can be found online, at Sally Hansen and CVS.  I looked it up and it is paraben (a group of chemicals used as preservatives) free and uses a lot of natural (aloe, bamboo, etc.) elements.  I often refer to the Environmental Working Group and Skin Deep web pages to check the safety of products but this one wasn’t on there.  So I am wondering if the line is just “natural” – using some natural elements or actually non-toxic.  I’ll need to do a bit more research.  My question to whomever may read this is:  Have you found a makeup line that is non-toxic and affordable?  Or have you used Natural Beauty?

I have this funny thought in my head as I write this:  The best non-toxic and affordable make up line is “All-Natural” or Bare Faced (meaning no makeup at all), but I don’t think I am really wanting to go sans-makeup.  Other’s might appreciate that too! 🙂

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